Happy Thanksgiving from the team to you! Today, Fayette County CEO would like to take the time to express our gratitude for everyone who helped make the Chilly Festival a successful event.

First, we would like to thank our sponsors: FNB Community Bank for sponsoring our meal, Buff’s Tree Service for sponsoring our activities, and Deer Park Distributors for sponsoring our Cornhole Tournament. We are so appreciative of your choice to partner with Fayette County CEO and for making this event possible.

Next, to our wonderful alumni who selflessly came to give their time. Josie Strauch, Makayla Cook, and Macy Cripe - we are thankful for you!

Next, our board members. We value your leadership and do not take for granted the work you’ve put in to not only make this event a success, but the program as a whole!

To the art students from Vandalia who came to give their time to paint faces for our children’s activities, thank you for giving your Saturday to work the event! The kids loved it and you both did a wonderful job!

We would also like to thank Sean Hannagan for being so generous in letting us use the Elementary school and for being so incredibly helpful throughout this entire process.

To the classroom teachers and St. Elmo Elementary school staff, we want to thank you for allowing us to use your space!

Next, we would like to thank Happy Hollow Family farms for allowing us to use decorations from the farm! We appreciate everything you have done for the program this year!

We also would like to express our gratitude to Metro Community Church and St. James Lutheran Church of Vandalia. Your willingness to help us with any logistical challenges was a huge help in the process of making this event possible.

Another thank you to Erick Somodi for your help in making our “Chilly Festival” t shirts a reality!

And of course, to our incredible mentors, we thank you for your leadership and support you give to each and every student. You help us grow, you encourage us, and you are a huge reason for the success in everything we do throughout this program.

Fayette County CEO is feeling grateful this Thanksgiving! We all hope you enjoyed our event and that you will have a wonderful day spent with loved ones! #CEOChillyFestival

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